MTG Card Price Tracker

Updated: Thu Jun 01 23:29:59 UTC 2023

   50 biggest gainers of the week

Card Name     Set     Price         Gain
Mycosynth GolemFifth Dawn$42.75+42.75
Craterhoof BehemothAvacyn Restored$32.99+32.99
Stoneforge MysticWorldwake$26.0+26.00
Imp's MischiefPlanar Chaos$25.98+25.98
Archangel of ThuneM14$24.07+24.07
Polluted BondsShadowmoor$22.83+22.83
Waves of AggressionEventide$20.93+20.93
Akroma's MemorialFuture Sight$19.31+19.31
Miren, the Moaning WellSaviors of Kamigawa$18.69+18.69
Oko, Thief of CrownsThrone of Eldraine$17.95+17.95
Pact of NegationFuture Sight$17.24+17.24
Ad NauseamShards of Alara$16.22+16.22
Doubling CubeFifth Dawn$15.99+15.99
Liliana of the Dark RealmsM14$15.59+15.59
Rise of the Dark RealmsM14$13.99+13.99
Reki, the History of KamigawaSaviors of Kamigawa$13.45+13.45
Khalni HydraRise of the Eldrazi$12.92+12.92
Sundial of the InfiniteM12$12.55+12.55
Starfield of NyxMagic Origins$12.05+12.05
Wurmcoil EngineScars of Mirrodin$11.88+11.88
Eye of UginWorldwake$11.44+11.44
Ward of BonesEventide$11.18+11.18
Myr MatrixDarksteel$29.0+11.02
Eldrazi MonumentZendikar$10.99+10.99
Sylvan CaryatidTheros$10.99+10.99
Phyrexian Arena8th Edition$10.4+10.40
Defense Grid9th Edition$9.34+9.34
Lightning GreavesMirrodin$8.98+8.98
Puresteel PaladinNew Phyrexia$8.97+8.97
Choice of DamnationsSaviors of Kamigawa$8.94+8.94
Venser, the SojournerScars of Mirrodin$8.88+8.88
Green Sun's ZenithMirrodin Besieged$8.72+8.72
Quest for Ula's TempleWorldwake$8.25+8.25
Savor the MomentShadowmoor$20.99+8.00
Omnath, Locus of ManaWorldwake$7.47+7.47
Hand of the PraetorsScars of Mirrodin$7.36+7.36
Grinding StationFifth Dawn$7.2+7.20
Vedalken OrreryFifth Dawn$7.19+7.19
Wrath of God8th Edition$7.0+7.00
Field Marshal10th Edition$6.97+6.97
Myr TurbineMirrodin Besieged$6.72+6.72
Plague of VerminShadowmoor$6.69+6.69
Lich Lord of UnxAlara Reborn$6.39+6.39
Bonescythe SliverM14$5.99+5.99
Evacuation8th Edition$5.84+5.84
Karplusan Forest9th Edition$5.76+5.76
Elvish Piper9th Edition$5.75+5.75
Howling Mine9th Edition$5.75+5.75
Dragonlord AtarkaDragons of Tarkir$5.63+5.63

   50 biggest Losers of the week

Card Name     Set     Price         Loss
Greater AuramancyShadowmoor$55.49-29.50
Chrome MoxMirrodin$70.98-19.01
The Great HengeThrone of Eldraine$50.0-17.49
Exquisite BloodAvacyn Restored$27.0-17.44
Mox OpalScars of Mirrodin$73.99-16.00
Mycosynth LatticeDarksteel$47.15-15.84
Sensei's Divining TopChampions of Kamigawa$21.78-13.21
Parallel LivesInnistrad$41.99-13.00
Sarkhan UnbrokenDragons of Tarkir$12.71-12.28
Sword of Feast and FamineMirrodin Besieged$32.98-12.01
It That BetraysRise of the Eldrazi$18.0-11.99
Mikaeus, the UnhallowedDark Ascension$18.15-11.84
Auntie's HovelLorwyn$18.9-11.09
Jin-Gitaxias, Core AugurNew Phyrexia$5.98-11.01
Painter's ServantShadowmoor$55.98-11.01
Darksteel ForgeDarksteel$59.69-9.30
DamnationPlanar Chaos$15.88-9.11
Sword of War and PeaceNew Phyrexia$7.95-9.04
Sliver HiveM15$11.17-8.82
Crucible of WorldsFifth Dawn$21.99-8.00
Bloodchief AscensionZendikar$19.99-7.89
Painful QuandaryScars of Mirrodin$2.23-7.76
Primordial HydraM12$7.25-7.24
Tainted RemedyMagic Origins$2.97-7.02
Ugin, the Spirit DragonFate Reforged$18.98-7.01
Sygg, River CutthroatShadowmoor$9.99-6.96
Grafted ExoskeletonScars of Mirrodin$2.11-6.88
Ashling, the ExtinguisherEventide$5.2-6.79
Nykthos, Shrine to NyxTheros$31.98-6.50
Training GroundsRise of the Eldrazi$30.88-6.11
Sword of Body and MindScars of Mirrodin$15.97-6.02
Secure the WastesDragons of Tarkir$1.97-6.01
Valakut, the Molten PinnacleZendikar$17.99-6.00
Kytheon, Hero of AkrosMagic Origins$4.09-5.90
Godless ShrineGuildpact$17.29-5.70
Gemstone CavernsTime Spiral$49.36-5.63
Sheoldred, Whispering OneNew Phyrexia$11.87-5.62
Breeding PoolDissension$29.44-5.55
Melira, Sylvok OutcastNew Phyrexia$4.44-5.55
Blackcleave CliffsScars of Mirrodin$5.45-5.54
Liliana of the Dark RealmsM13$15.48-5.51
Ezuri, Renegade LeaderScars of Mirrodin$4.61-5.38
Collected CompanyDragons of Tarkir$9.68-5.31
Kresh the BloodbraidedShards of Alara$1.72-5.27
Wooded BastionShadowmoor$7.68-5.21
VesuvaTime Spiral$10.86-5.13
Watery GraveGatecrash$9.9-5.09
Urborg, Tomb of YawgmothPlanar Chaos$43.91-4.97
Akroma, Angel of FuryPlanar Chaos$1.88-4.91
Tezzeret, Agent of BolasMirrodin Besieged$5.09-4.90