How much is a card really worth?

When trading or buying cards, it's often hard to know how much a given card is worth. You don't want to overpay for cards and you don't want to trade your most expensive cards for too little.

Some people ask around, or ask their local card store for a price. Others go to a major online retailer to find the value of their trades or check on Ebay. It's usually too much work to check every site, every time you want to trade a card, so many times you are left guessing about a card's worth.

When you want to buy cards for cash, the problem is even worse - there are literally hundreds of online retailers, each of which update their prices daily, not to mention the millions of sales on eBay and other sites that you can buy from. Even if you think you have found the best deal, without an understanding of historical prices there is no way of knowing if the card has recently seen a big spike in price or if its value is plummeting.

Voice of Resurgence saw an approximate price increase of $12 across all vendors in one week.

MTG Price is designed to solve these problems - we provide fast, accurate prices for Magic: the Gathering cards based on data from hundreds of stores and thousands of auctions. We provide historical prices so you understand how the prices for your card have changed over time and we spotlight some of the cheapest places on the Internet to buy them. The prices you see displayed are fresh and come from real Internet sites - these are not simply weekly averages.

Fair Trade Price

At the core of our service is a special pricing algorithm called the Fair Trade Price, designed to overcome two major problems with online prices. The first is volume: If a small card store is charging $1 for a card (and only has one available) and eBay sold 200 of them yesterday for $2 each, it's likely that the true value of the card is closer to $2 than $1. Our Fair Trade Price algorithm takes the size of a retailer into account and weighs prices from higher-volume stores with more importance than those with lower volumes. Of course, we'll also tell you where to find that great $1 deal so you can snap it up!

The second problem is simple: we need to know how much a card actually sells for, not how much it is listed for sale for. Someone could list 500 Lightning Bolts for $30 each on eBay (which would skew a simple average) but unless someone buys them, this price is irrelevant. FTP takes this and many other factors into account.

Historical Data

Knowing the spot price of a card isn't enough - it's important to know how that price has changed over time. Unlike some other sites, gives you complete access to the historical prices of individual vendors, for FREE. We don't use an average or the price of a single marketplace, instead, you can choose the prices you are most interested in and view them on a day-by-day basis over a year into the past.

Buylist Prices

When pricing a card, it's good to know how much a vendor is willing to pay, in cash, for the card. Even better is finding the best vendor to sell to. does this for you, free of charge - just click the appropriate tab on the card details page. What's more, if you give us information about a collection you're selling, we'll tell you the best vendor to send each and every card to, guaranteeing you the best price.

Price Tracker

Interested in the hottest movers in the MTG marketplace? Check out the Price Tracker for a list of the biggest gains and losses for the day. You can also filter by format and can even view the biggest gains and losses this week if you're interested.

Collection Manager

Ever wonder how much your card collection is worth in the real world? Don't feel like going through hundreds of cards every single day to see how the value changed since yesterday? Neither do we!

Collection Manager allows you to store your cards online, see how much your total collection is worth and track the value of your collection over time. Additionally, you can see detailed historical graphs to help you understand how your collections value has developed.

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Other Features

We are adding new features to on a daily basis. Our current focus is on making the collection tools even better than they are now, with custom alerts and filtering tools. We're also interested in non-US vendors and plan on rolling out an update with Europe and Asia prices soon! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us!