'Quick List' Pricing Summary Tool

Updated: Sun Oct 31 23:36:24 UTC 2021

(BETA) The "Quick List" Tool was originally designed as a replacement for the old Ark42 web page that listed only cards valued above $1. There are some key differences however:

  • Ark42 used a single vendor's prices. uses our custom "Fair Trade Price" which takes into account Ebay, Amazon, ChannelFireball, Troll And Toad, StrikeZone, Hotsauce Games and several other sources to get a more complete picture.
  • Ark42 had several years of pricing data. has a little over two years, although we plan on back-filling with older data in the future.
  • Card names in BOLD have had price increases over $1 in the last week.
  • Card names in ITALICS have had price decreases over $1 in the last week.
  • Click any card for a complete price history and current prices!

If you have any suggestions or improvements, please contact

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